Development outside of the 7.2 square mile bubble could be on its way

Daniel Lobo/Flickr
Daniel Lobo/Flickr

“After a lot of buzz and then little noticeable change, the Packard Plant may finally get an overhaul, according to the Detroit Free Press, who on Saturday published a profile on the plant and the renovations in store.”

Redevelopment may finally begin at Detroit’s Packard plant


architects_newsletter“Redevelopment of Detroit‘s long vacant Packard Plant may finally begin this September. The 40-acre site, located on Detroit’s east side, is owned by Spanish developer Fernando Palazuelo’s company, Arte Express Detroit.”

Packard Plant redevelopment could actually happen soon

Photo: JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press

“The sprawling ruin of the Packard Plant on Detroit’s east side has been a magnet for metal scrappers, a post-apocalyptic movie set and an emblem of the city’s past industrial glories and more recent distress.”

Owner of Packard plant seeking tax freeze for property

File photo of Packard Plant. CREDIT HILARY FARRELL
File photo of Packard Plant.

“The owner of Detroit’s blighted Packard automobile plant complex on the city’s east side is asking City Council for a 12-year tax freeze while he develops the project.”

Packard Plant’s owner says project moving forward despite loss of $80 million in financing

Photo by Michael Lewis II
Photo by Michael Lewis II

“Fernando Palazuelo has had to make a course correction on the financing of his Packard Plant redevelopment project after a collapse in a key financing agreement.

Palazuelo, who owns the sprawling plant at I-94 and East Grand Boulevard and plans a hodgepodge of uses there, says a large but undisclosed Peruvian private equity firm has backed out of an agreement to provide $80 million in financing for the Packard project.”

60 urban explorers get rare tour of Packard Plant

Photo: Brian Kaufman, Detroit Free Press
Photo: Brian Kaufman, Detroit Free Press

“An adventurous crew of 60 urban explorers spent Saturday afternoon wandering the wrecked corridors and dark tunnels of Detroit’s old Packard Plant during a rare, authorized tour of the industrial landmark.”

Palazuelo restoring Packard bridge with historic photo

Photo: JC Reindl
Photo: JC Reindl

“A much photographed section of Detroit’s Packard Plant took on a new but familiar image on Thursday — that of its grand self in the 1930s.

Workers spent the day draping graphic coverings on both sides of the plant’s iconic pedestrian bridge that spans East Grand Boulevard.”

Así son las monumentales ruinas de Detroit que va a revivir un constructor español

ruinas-grande_elconomista“Fernando Palazuelo, empresario, arquitecto y constructor español, se ha hecho con las mayores ruinas industriales de Detroit. La que fuera fábrica de Packard Automóviles llegó a tener hasta 36.000 empleados bajo su techo. El cierre de la empresa se produjo en 1956, desde entonces ha estado desocupada y ahora está en ruinas.”

Detroit’s Ravaged Packard Plant Looks to Europe for Renaissance

Photographer: Bryan Mitchell/Bloomberg
Photographer: Bryan Mitchell/Bloomberg

“Detroit’s biggest ruin, the 40-acre Packard auto plant, will begin a European-inspired rebirth this summer under a plan that officials hope will revitalize one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods and symbolize a reversal of 50 years of economic decline.”