Peruano transformará planta abandonada de Packard en Detroit

Fernando Palazuelo

Enormes fragmentos de concreto cuelgan peligrosamente del piso superior de un edificio en ruinas en el terreno abandonado de lo que fue la planta automovilística Packard, marca que alguna vez simbolizó la refinación y los vehículos de lujo en Detroit pero que desapareció con el tiempo.

“Grafiteros y muralistas han dejado por igual su impronta en las paredes de la propiedad; los chatarreros se llevaron todo lo que era de metal y los pirómanos incendiaron neumáticos, zapatos y demás basura tirada en el lugar.”

Detroit’s Packard Plant owner in his own words: ‘Sorry, I’m not a millionaire’ and ‘I still have very big debts’

Tanya Moutzalias |
Tanya Moutzalias |

“DETROIT, MI – The scene is a gaudy palace in Spain, decked out with Ferraris and all the luxury items.

Fernando Palazuelo, who owns the crumbling and blighted 3.5-million-square-foot Packard Plant, described the setting as his home, his Iberian lifestyle. He accumulated the wealth after successfully developing parts of Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.”

Uniquely Detroit: The man with the plan for the Packard Plant


“‘Detroit was a town with a lot of history, a European touch, a French touch. The first time I read about Detroit, it was completely, still today, undervalued,’ Palazuelo said. ‘I see something very close to what you see when you walk on the old ruins of the Greek towns, the Roman towns or the South American towns. You see a lot of history. Of course you see destruction, but on the other hand, also if you are able to read the buildings, you get a lot of information. I mean this is an open book.'”

Can Detroit go from Motown to grow-town?


“The Peru-based developer stunned Detroiters by purchasing the abandoned Packard automotive plant earlier this year — one of the most famous buildings to be sold after the city filed for bankruptcy and the most emblematic eyesore of Detroit’s fall. But Palazeulo sees beauty and possibility amid the ruin of the Packard site.”

New Packard Plant owner Fernando Palazuelo says he can surprise Detroit’s doubters

Tanya Moutzalias | MLive Detroit
Tanya Moutzalias | MLive Detroit

“DETROIT, MI — The Detroit Free Press told a moving story Thursday night at the Fillmore Detroit about one of the most intriguing pieces of property in the city’s more than 300-year history.”

Even in ruin, Detroit’s Packard plant inspires artists

Photo: Brian Kaufman, Detroit Free Press
Photo: Brian Kaufman, Detroit Free Press

“DETROIT — It’s a place that has inspired world-class poets, blockbuster filmmakers, pioneering techno musicians, wildly inventive graffiti artists and, yes,chroniclers of ruin porn.”

Gallery’s plan to sell Banksy’s Packard Plant mural sparks uproar



“The decision by a Detroit nonprofit gallery to put a now-world-famous Banksy mural up for sale has unleashed a firestorm of criticism around the globe.

“Artists and commentators are decrying the move by leaders of the 555 Nonprofit Gallery and Studios to profit from the work by the anonymous British graffiti artist. The 555 artists excavated the 1,500-pound piece from the crumbling Packard Plant four years ago in the name of preserving it and putting it on public display. They pledged they had no interest in selling it.”