Year in Review

Welcome to 2017! Many things have been happening here at the Packard in 2016, most of which were behind the scene. 

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and his team were the first to offer support of Phase 1 for the Packard Plant Project. This support directly assists in the abatement and debris removal of the Administration Building. Thank you Wayne County!

In September, at the request of Mayor Mike Duggan, we removed the exterior graffiti from all buildings in public view. An extensive area was covered in five weeks, as promised.

In November we received the anticipated approval from Detroit City Council for the Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA). This enables us to move forward with construction activities of Phase 1, the Administration Building in the spring. Our abatement teams are currently on the ground, pending weather conditions. 

In late January 2017, we are anticipating the final approval of the Brownfield Plan, having already completed the public hearing which was held at the Arte Express Detroit offices with full support from the community. This will assist with the massive abatement and debris removal efforts on site.

We hope everyone had a great holiday and a wonderful new year. Thank you for your continued support as we enter 2017.


Graffiti clean up before and after shots.


Before and after shots from the last two years.

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